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Clunking coming from 5 speed transmisssion


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July 27, 2006
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1993 Explorer 4x4 5 speed
I have a 1993 explorer 4x4. I changed the clutch components around January, and everything was good to go. Monday, I noticed when the trans is in 5th gear, it makes a clunking noise similar to an engine thats about to throw a rod. Wed. I changed the throw out bearing, think that was the problem, now the noise is made in all the gears and neutral as well (the noise is very loud in 5th gear, but very subtile in the other gears). I have a good feeling it is internal, just want to confirm and know whether it is the servo's or the gears. Also,is this a common problem? Thanks in advance

Very common especially with your mileage. What's happening is not the gears, but the synchronizers. They are the brass rings that engage the gears themselves. They typically go around the mileage you are stating. A manual trans can be rebuilt yourself if you've got the will to do so. I rebuilt my trans several years ago, when you do it you'll need to buy the synchronizers and the bearings and all that. contact txtransmissions for rebuild kits, they're really good. I can walk you through many of the problems you will encounter if you decide to do this. Figure on $500 if you do it yourself, $800-1200 if you have it done.