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clunking feel through steering wheel


September 23, 1999
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Hello, I've got this clunking feel from My steering wheel when I drive. I thought it was the wheel coming loose so when I checked it was tight to the steering shaft. However the steering shaft looks like it's the one making all the noise. I can see it moving around within the houseing. Is there an easy fix for this? Do I have to get a new steering shaft? Could I just replace the section that looks to be worn out? Thanks for your help.

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can you see any play in the u-joint in your steering shaft? steering box could be junk. does it wander going down the road? look for play in the pitman arm to drag link or tie rods. I don't know how hard it is to replace a st. shaft but I'm due for a st. box myself - all 87-96 full size, rangers, bronco II's, ex's. vans have the same box, I believe, you could check a junk yard. hope this helps...

I got a rebuilt steering box for $150 made a huge difference after 150,000 miles. It's one of those things you get used to and once it's fixed you're like WOW. There is an adjustment on the top of the box, but if it's as bad a you say I would replace the box once I determined that was the cause.

Did you look at the "rag" joint in you steering shaft? It can get torn and cause a lot of slop also.

Try tightening the nut on the steering shaft next to the firewall. Mine was getting a little lose and I have the shaft extension because of my body lift. I felt knocking in the steering wheel over bumps, so then I tightened that nut as hard as I could with a little wrench and it worked.

i think i have that same problem. i have a 99 2wd. when the truck is park, and i shake the front wheel, i can hear this clunking sound. with i stillhad my warrrently. i think the ball bearings might be out or ... u guys have any ideas? when i drive slowly about 20 mpph on a local street, i can hear this clunk clunk from the steering wheel and the front tires

If I grab the wheel at 9 and 3 and tilt the wheel on opposite sides back and forth, I can feel and see the play in the wheel. The wheel is securly bolted to the shaft. It's the shaft at the top where the wheel bolts to that is the thing thats loose. Is there a bushing or something that could be worn out? An easy fix I hope.I don't think it's the steering box. Thanks

I have the same problem now, shaft is loose where it enters firewall but is tight at bottom. Wheel is on tight as well. How to Fix?

I have the same problem... any ideas on how to fix? Am I going to die?? It seems securely connected on either end though so I'm pretty sure it's safe, just annoying as all hell!