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Clunking noise in an 05 Explorer


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May 20, 2015
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2005 Ford Explorer
I purchased a used 2005 Ford Explorer from a used car dealership. They didn't know much about it since they had gotten it from an auction. Well, they replaced a few things on it. One of the things being the brakes.

Well, after about a month of driving it, this weird clunking noise started. Every time I hit a bump, it makes a clunking noise. Every time I hit the brakes, it makes a clunking noise. When I'm backing up, it makes a dragging noise when I hit the brakes. There isn't anything visually wrong with it on the outside and I haven't yet taken it to the mechanics to figure out whats wrong (due to lack of money). So, I figured someone here may know what it would be?

Thank you so much! I will definitely be taking a look at it this weekend.