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Clunking, Popping noise

Have never done this ya got me!!!
Hopefully everything will be in this week ( bushing, tool) and I can do it next weekend. Anxious! The shaking is driving me crazy, and hoping/praying I don't tear anything else up while waiting!

Welp, Got the u joints redone.
As you can needed it. One of the caps on the rear started pouring out red dust as I was taking it out. When got it off, there were 2 pieces of bearings...everything else was dust. Glad I did not listen to Ford and replace slip yoke and bushing. Have the extension housing bushing and oil seal just in case now. Wanted to try and do it with just u-joints before I wasted $70 for the special tool and $180 for the yoke.
BTW that bushing remover installer from posts 11 & 18 are just installers. Not removers and installers as web site says. Went by Harbor Freight to get it, and it is just an installer.
Thanks VERY much for your help!
Now if that transmission will just hold till after the first of the year!!


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Sorry they are fuzzy. Forgot my digital camera and only had my phone. Always goto my Dad's house as he has a shop bigger than his house. Makes it easy to work on your truck!