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Clunking sound from under hood.

April 16, 2008
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Anchorage Ak
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2002 Explorer V8
:roll:I have a 98 explorer & for awhile I have been hearing a squeal sound when I first start it, but my fan belt on it really isn't that old maybe 2 to 3yrs. Well today when I started it I heard the squeal and then a modest clunking sound its not loud but its very noticable. And I'm about 8 hrs from home, so I'm trying to find a mechanic close by I'm not sure if its safe to drive, so someone is supposed to come to the motel I'm staying in, & I'm really expecting to get ripped off. I don't have to be back home until Monday but I would kind of like to live on Friday still. :roll:

Sounds like this could be your problem:

I also have a a little bit of noise on start up but it is coming from the top idler pulley. About a $14 autozone part. Was able to tell using a mechanic stethescope (?spl), cheap tool to have from harbor freight. I would listen to everything while running using one and the item listed above in the link. If that don't work, remove serpentine (fan) belt and spin everything by hand.

Oil was changed & now its not doing it anymore. They told me the timing chain was dying though cause they said they could here a clicking sound. Apparently its $1000 (thousand) just for the labor part.