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Cluster problem - Tach, fuel and coolant


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May 18, 2009
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San Antonio
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92 XLT
My new to me 1992 XLT has a problem with the cluster.

I've done the usuals; checked fuses and they all seem fine. Even swapped some around.

Thought it might be a cluster issue, and picked up another instrument cluster on epay. Installed it last night and it does exactly the same thing.

The tach needle "dies" when power is removed. On start up, it swings up to 12 O'clock. It rises and falls correctly with engine RPM, but is not accurate. it will peak at about 4K, and then fall back to the 12 O'Clock position-- about 3K.

Fuel guage is dead -- probable sender I suppose.

Coolant gauge is dead. I checked the power at the lead going into the what I'm pretty sure is the sender at the thermostat housing. It has 6.7 ish volts, switched to the ignition circuit.

Any ideas on the tach and coolant?