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Clutch Bleed 96 Explorer


October 31, 2006
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Plymouth, MI
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1996 Sport
Could I connect a hose from the slave cylinder bleed screw and put the other end in the master cylinder fill reservoir and then loosen the bleed screw and pump the clutch pedal to circulate the fluid and get the air out of the system?

It is tricky in those years, because there is an air pocket that forms inside the master cylinder because of its mounted orientation. I had to loosen the bolts to the master cyl, and remove the pedal then you can pull it through the firewall and rotate the master Cyl as you pump it to get all the air out.
Otherwise you will pump for hours and the air will never get out. I've been there it sucks. The good news is that it's not that hard to get the MC off and rotated to get all the air out.

Alternately you can flip your entire truck and then bleed out the air :D

These clutches are best bled with a pressure bleeder, but it can be done by pumping the pedal if you're patient. Do a search, and you will find some good threads. Good Luck!

The best way is to not get air in the line, but if your doing it by your self it happens. When I got air in my 95 ranger I pumped 2 full bottles of fluid through it and it never primed, and then after I detached it and rotated it down so the air could rise up it only took literally 2 pumps to get all the air out. I was dumbfounded...