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Clutch bleeding

Todd Jacobson

February 18, 2000
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Please help! I'm having a heck of a time bleeding my clutch! That bleeder is the stupidest thing I ever saw! How do you get a hose to fit that thing? Any suggestions? Procedure wise, do I follow the Haynes manual instructions or does someone have a better way? TJ


Oh man...

Well you can do a search on this and bring up some old topics to get more info, but I went off a suggestion awhile back to get a mighty-vac vacuum pump at AutoZone ($35) to aid in the bleeding and it works like a charm. I'm not sure if it's really any better than the standard bleeding procedure as my clutch felt about the same, but it sure makes quick work if you do it right. (takes a little technique to learn to keep the suction on the fitting, otherwise you have to start all over again)
You'll still need someone to keep topping off the clutch resevoir or an automatic filler.

I think theres also a instruction file on the site about the bleeding procedure from the Ford manual.

what good is bleeding the clutch?? How can you tell if it needs to be bled? Never even thought of doing it.

Clutch bled!

Thanks for the replies! I found the bleed procedure in the tips section, followed it and it worked! I think the secret is to remove the quick connect from the tranny and bleed the offending air from the loop above it.
This started out as a cure for a grinding shift. If you have problems shifting this seems to be a good cure. I got rid of the ugly fluid and the clutch seems to have better action! Thanks again! TJ