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clutch problem

April 12, 2011
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pinckney, MI
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94 ford explorer sport
1994 ford explorer sport 4x4 5 speed 4.0 v6 miles: 233,000

The guy i bought the truck from said he put a new clutch, slave cylinder and had fly wheel cut.
the clutch pedal in my truck is 3/4 up from the floor before the clutch engages and and has been that way since i bought it. Now i feel like it is slipping cause every time i hammer the throttle the RPM gauge goes up to a like 2300 RPM i only made it to 20 mph in 1st gear and up to 35 mph in 2nd gear at same RPM. Now 3rd, 4th, 5th all feel fine even with 3rd grinding and ONLY 3rd, all other gears are fine! When you drive it for a half hour or more and get a small burning smell like you left the E brake on while driving BUT it's not on! Clutch fluid is fine clear and full do NOT have have a problem disengaging clutch and the motor still has balls lift in its life. PLEASE HELP

Well the burning smell is likely your clutch and is caused by it slipping.

However, this could be caused by a worn clutch or the driver letting it slip too much all the time.

You didn't say whether or not they replaced the pressure plate. If not, then there isn't enough squeeze on the clutch plate, and therefore, slippage.

I hope I'm wrong, not replacing a pressure plate is a rookie mistake (I did it once myself, 30 years ago).