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Clutch Problems 97 Ranger XLT


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July 9, 2007
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Salt Lake City, Utah
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97 Ranger XLT
Two months ago I took my ranger in for repair because I was having trouble shifting from a stand still. I had to remember to shift into first before I stopped at a light, or it was very very difficult to shift into any gear.

The shop I took it to replaced the clutch master cylinder and everything was working fine until today. While idleing in front of a store, my truck started to run very rough and then the engine died(truck was in gear while I was holding the clutch in). I tried to restart the truck and it jumped like I wasnt hold the clutch at all. I changed gears from 1st to reverse, then back to first, and the truck started normally, and appeared to be fine.

The next time I went to drive the truck, as I depressed the clutch I heard and felt a snap at about halfway depressed, and now the clutch pedal has almost no resistance, and I cant shift into any gears.

My question is: Is this a bad master cylinder that was installed in my truck, or did my slave cylinder just bite the dust and I am looking at a many $$$ repair bill?

When I bought this truck, I thought to myself I can do most of the repairs on here, accept the clutch and air conditioning, and can you guess what has broken on it within the first 4 months of ownership? Yep, the AC and clutch.

Please pardon me if someone else has already had this issue, I dont know what the technical terms would be to search for it, I am definately a bolt on mechanic, if it can't be removed and replaced with a few bolts, then I am lost.

Thanks in advance,