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Clutch problems?


August 9, 2002
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93 XLT

My 93 decided to start acting up the other day, I am thinking it is the clutch but I was wanting to get some opinions. Either when in neutral (clutch not depressed) or when in gear, I am hearing a very loud grinding/rattling noise. When I depress the clutch pedal, the grinding will stop, not immediatley but sort of wind down. It will drive, the clutch feels like its engaging farther out than normal and feels like its slips when I give it gas (with clutch fully engaged)

The transmission and clutch were replaced by the local Ford dealership about 30,000-35,000 miles ago.

Any ideas?

If it is the clutch, is Centerforce the way to go for a replacements? All the Ford clutches, except for the one from the factory, have seemed really sorry.


If theres a grinding noise whether it's in neutral or in gear, my first thought is its something unrelated to the clutch, or at least unrelated to it's engagement/disengagement. It's possible some of the clutch/transmission hardware is damaged (broken clutch plate/cracked flywheel/damaged syncros) Since the clutch slips, my guess would be theres some damage or at least a problem with the clutch plate itself.

The entire transmission was replaced? Did you recieve a new/rebuilt transmission with a factory warranty? If so, you should probably just take it back to the dealer.

Centerforce makes great clutches, but they are pricey overkill. If you can afford it, great. I'd rather have a OEM clutch and hardware. I've found the aftermarket clutches from NAPA are pretty good, especially for the price, and I've never had one slip or give anything other than top performance, while not being too grabby to use offroad.
The slave cylinders seem to be the weak point of the 5-speed more than anything else. What a pain to keep removing the entire tranny just to replace these things.