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clutch/transmission enigma


November 15, 2006
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glen mills, pa
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1991 XLT
the day after a 170 mile drive home, i started my truck and let it run for a lil before i set off. the clutch pedal went in like usual, started the truck with the gear shift in neutral, and went inside for 2 mins. came back out, couldn't get the tranny in gear, was grinding gears. the clutch pedal was very soft, as if there was no hydraulic pressure against the pedal.

tried bleeding the system, worked for about 3 miles.

replaced master cylinder, slave cylinder, and the clutch. bled the system, no pressure in the clutch pedal even though plenty of fluid was being bled through.

the throwout bearing isnt moving in and out, so the clutch is not being disengaged.

any ideas?