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Clutch won't engage after sitting a few months


December 6, 2006
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Monroe, NY
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93 EddieBauer Sport 5spd
:( Clutch won't engage after sitting a few months.

Applies to: GEN 1 - 1993 Eddie Bauer Sport 5spd

Okay here is the deal:

  • It has been sitting for several months due to having no keys which I just solved. Before it sat, everything was fine. (isn't that always the case)

  • When not running the shifter can be moved between the gears. It was a bit tight getting it in the first time.

  • It started and sounds good with the clutch down and the stick in neutral.

  • When it's running, and clutch depressed, I cannot get it into any gear.

  • If I try to start it with the clutch down and in gear (first was what I tried) the engine pulls on the gear and won't start.

  • When started again, clutch depressed and in neutral the 4X4 HI and Lo engages according to the dash light.

What do you think? Anyone have this issue before? Can someone describe the clutch mechanics for me (ie. hydrolic or cable)?

Many Thanks

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The clutch is hydraulic, and there is a fluid reservoir under the hood, on the firewall, next to the brake master cyl. Check that, to see if it has fluid.

A fluid line runs from the res to the clutch pedal, and down to the transmission. If you crawl under your truck, you can see where the line goes in: drivers side, middle of side of trans. Right below is a bleeder screw. You can bleed the system there. Bleeding is similar to bleeding brakes. Someone presses and holds down the clutch pedal, you crack that bleeder and let fluid trickle out. Close, repeat.

That line connects to the slave cylinder inside the trans. They are known to go bad, but I don't see how it could do that while being parked.

Thanks for the walkthrough. I will check to see how the fluid is doing and probably change it anyway. You wouldn't happen to have any specs on the type of fluid or amounts would you?

Let's hope it's not the slave cylinder. I am sure that's not a fun fix, especially in the middle of winter!

The reservoir cap should tell you what fluid it takes. DOT3 brake fluid, I think.
Take out the condom thing and fill res to the 'step'.

No, the slave is not a fun fix! But I can't see how yours went bad just sitting.

Cool Thanks. I will let you know what happens. Any other thing that I should look out for with it sitting for a while???

UPDATED - Problem fixed itself.

Being that it had been sitting a while I started it, and let it run for an about an hour and looked for leaks and checked things out. I was about to shut her off when I tried putting it into gear one last time. Magically, it went into reverse and was free from there. I suspect the slave cylinder was stuck!?#%$. I will have to keep an eye on it in case it acts up again.

Thanks for all the help.