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Coaxial Cable repair (?)


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April 5, 2004
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2006 Impala SS
Can a coaxial cable be repaired once it has been cut?

I just invested $40 in a through-glass XM antenna and i thought i wired it well. Well, i was wrong! After continually opening & shutting the hatch, i've cut through one of the signal wires.

Can i fix this? Because of the fiberglass roof on my X, i'm limited in the type of antennas i can use, and the ways in which they're wired. I really like XM, but due to these wiring issues (been through 4-5 antennas in last 1.5 years), i've been without it 30% of that time.


Assuming it's similiar to the wire on my sirius radio there is going to be no easy way to repair it. Are you running it out of the hatch unprotected? If i was you I'd drill a small hole in the weather stripping close to where it mounts to the truck and run the wire though there so it doesn't get kinked and destroyed.

By coaxial wires what do you mean? Coaxial is just a term for a type of wire. If you're referring to wire like your cable comes in, there's good news. You can splice that stuff up and crimp and connectors it to your hearts content with relative ease. If you mean more like a RCA cord, you can splice that as well. it's just a matter of getting the right fittings and whatnot. Or you could just use a sauterless connector. As far as protecting it from snapping again, you're probably gonna have to re-route the wires. Not too sure where you wired it, but if you have the hatch pressing down on it, eventually it will get cut through.

That being said, There's an old carphone antenna on my truck that I'd love to get off the passenger side cargo area window. However, to do it completely, I'd have to get the window out as they put it under the rubber to get it around the window. I imagine this sort of thing would work fine for your application.

Just like your Sirius wires, doug, only much fatter. These are not the "micro" coaxial wires they usually have.

This Terk model (sr1x) transmits the signal & electricity from an inside receiver through the glass and to the antenna itself. There's a 4-wire band that runs from the receiver to the tuner (sat & terrestrial) and to power & gnd.

I'll have to take a pic to show how i wired it and to get ideas on a better install if i can fix it.

Thanks for the help so far.