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cobra svt 17 x 8

Yes, I have a 98 Mountaineer with 96 Cobra 17x8's, and 27,000 miles on 255/60/17 tires. This is the stock 15" tire diameter, and I am soon changing to 265 or 276/60/17 Kumho's. I have a speedometer correction box on the way. Good luck,

Is your explorer 2 wd 4wd or awd?
I had a 2 wd 98 x and my buddy had some 98 cobra svt rims I was going to buy from him and they did not fit.

From what i remember, FrankRizzo tried to fit them on a 2wd years ago and they would not fit. The problem was the center hole wasnt quite big enough. I have seen pics of them on AWD's..... which oddly enough have a smaller hub (i guess).

I had the 96 cobra wheels on a 2wd 93 and they worked. A guy at work had 98 cobra wheels on a 2wd ranger and had to use spacers to make the wheels go over the hubs in the front. It looked better with the spacers, a wider stance.