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code 0761 and no od


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August 14, 2010
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dahlonega ga
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96 xlt
hey guys Ive serched this site and there is a lot of answers out there, heres the deal, I just bought a 96 explorer with the 4r55e tranny that has recently been replaced with a rebuilt one, I dont have a flashing od light, but i dont have od either, check engine light is on , had it scanned got codes0401 which is clogged egr, code 1507 which i have no idea and code 0761 which says bad c solenoid....truck shifts perfect every where else just doesnt go into od , if i leve it in od on shifter it just changes threw 3rd and when i let off gas rpms fall completely off, if I turn od off it stays locked up in drive as it should.....any ideas and should i stop driving it even if im leaving od off

thanks darowood 96ex 4x4