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code 542 and 513


February 18, 2007
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1987 ranger 4x4

I have a quick question iam getting a 542 code on my 87 ranger 4x4 it has a 92 4.0 in it the fuel pump runs when you turn the key on, but it keeps running even if you dont start it and can hear it blowing air bubbles in the tank ? its has the low pressure in the tabk and the high pressure on the frame the truck run great i just need to get rid of this code so i can get it smoged. with an eng. swap in calif. it can,t have any codes in any test. thanks for ant help that you can give me.

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code 542 = pump circuit open: pcm to motor ...thats all i know, i hope it will help...
code 513 = internal voltage failure in pcm...

yea i know what thay mean i need to know how to fix them, so i can get my truck smoged. with an eng. swap in ca. you can,t have any codes. thanks though for your time.

i'm in california and it sounds like you need a pcm...:scratch:
did you do a engine swap? what year did you swap? i can only help with some info...some year motors and computers don't swap...

I can't think of any magical fixes for the 542 (was it KOEO or CM or both?). Basically you have to track down the fault in the fuel pump circuit and repair or replace.

You say the fuel pump runs constantly when the key is on. Could indicate a stuck closed relay, or some other short to power in the fuel pump circuit. On my '87 BII, someone wired around a stuck open fuel pump relay.

it was a koeo allready replaced the fuel pump relay so i guess the next step its to try and trak down a bad ground at the pump or the pcm to motor ?

its an 87 ranger extended cab 4x4 , it had a 1987 2.9 and now it has a 1992 4.0 the computer on the right kick panel is from a 92 4x4 . the truck runs great just this one prob.. iam going to reset the computer this weekend and change the other 2 relays (allready did the fuel 1) and also check the ground on the both pumps and the pcm groumd to eng. thanks for your help
if you think of anything else please let me know.