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Code P0133 & P0756


May 23, 2008
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'96 XLT
Hello All,

I posted a thread a while back about the same P0133 (02 sensor on bank 1) while doing some work on my sister's '96 XLT. A buddy of mine has the same car except it's a '96 Limited with 170K miles on the odometer. He's had a no start condition under some very specific situations, the car will usually fire up just fine, but when started and stopped, then restarted over short periods of time, it will crank but not fire up.

Could a lazy O2 or sticky IAC valve sensor cause this? I didn't have a chance to monitor the O2 sensor.

I just did some routine maintenance to take care of the simple things: fuel filter, spark plugs, air filter, pcv valve, tranny flush & transfer case fluid. I also soaked the IAC valve in some gasoline & cleaned the MAF sensor & air charge sensor in the intake.

When it wouldn't fire up, squirting some starter fluid into the throttle body helped it fire up. I tried to clean the throttle body with the engine running but it would sputter and stall out without with the intake disconnected. I had to alternate between spray some cleaner in the throttle body and cupping the intake back over the throttle bottle to keep it from stalling out.

I remember that my sister's XLT would run and idle just fine with the intake disconnected from the throttle body.

PO756 is a tranny solenoid code. I read that an erratic alternator can cause tranny problems. The transfer case fluid and ATF was the worst I've seen come out of car. Even worse than my sister's XLT with 100K miles on the original factory fill.