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Code P0402 EGR flow excessive?


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November 29, 2000
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06 Toyota
I was in a bumper to bumper traffic jam today, after sitting for about 15-20 minutes my check engine light came on. I stopped at a gas station to pull my codes (I always carry around my Global OBD II code reader with me) It came up with code P0402 EGR Flow Excessive.

What could cause this code to come up. I erased my codes, to see if the code would come back on. I drove for about 15 minutes after this and so far no light yet.

Anyone have any clue?

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Well the code hasn't come back yet

Does anyone have any insight?

It may have been just a one time deal. I wouldn't worry with it unless it comes bad.

P0402 codes are usually caused by a bad DPFE (the thingy that controls your EGR Valve).

Thanks robb!

Off the top of my head I would have guessed DPFE too. It really takes a beating from hot exhaust gas. The fact that it did it once probably means sometime down the line your DPFE MAY need replacing. That is NOT a driveability issue though... I drove 6 mos on a known bad DPFE because I was lazy. I'd not fret much, just as Robb says.

Happy Exploring...


I had the same code last winter. It was caused by the EGR position senor. I cleaned it with carb cleaner and compressed air. It work for a few months and then came back on. I paid 50.00 dollars for one at Autozone. have yet to see light again. Good luck

My 1997 EX has the 5.0 ltr V-8, and the EGR code PO-402 has caused the CEL to be illuminated for the last several weeks with no degredation in mileage or performance.

I have changed the EGR control valve (F-63Z-9J459-AA), the EGR Position Sensor 9F-2ZE-9G428-B) and the EGR Valve (F-6PZ-9H473-AA). After having reset the CEL by disconnecting the negative cable to the battery for 30+ minutes each time, the CEL light was extinguished for about 2 days.

Because this '97 EX has the V-8, my tech manuals tell me that it does not have a DPFE that could be changed. If it did, (as my '97 with the 4.0 Ltr V-6 does) the problem would probably be resolved.

Also, I have also run a pint of Seafoam through the intake manifold in an attempt to clean out the accumulated carbon.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to remedy this problem (other than jacking up the radiator cap and driving a new Toyota under it) so that I can pass the N.C. emissions check when I have to get the state inspection? Thankyou in advance! Gator

I am almost certain that your 5.0 should have a DPFE. I remember a thread awhile back about a guy with a '99 5.0 that replaced his.

Hmmmm.......let me take a quick look at my '96 and see if I can see it.

Thanks for the reply Robb.

I looked again at the Haynes manual for the Ford Ex 1991-2000 and on page 6-25 under EGR-general description it says "1996 and later models(except 1996 5.0 Ltr V-8 engine) are equipped with the DPFE system..." However, when I look at the DPFE that is on the left side of the engine block on the 4.0 Ltr it does not look like anything that is associated with the EGR on the 5.0 Ltr, and when I went to the Ford dealership for parts they agreed that there was not a DPFE and sold me the Position sensor (which I assume is the PFE), and it was identical to the part on the vehicle that I replaced).

It's almost like a shotgun approach to curing the problem, but the shop that I took it to originally proposed taking off the intake manifold and cleaning out everything--to the tune of $836-- to get rid of the light. I think I can try a few more things first. Thanks.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but this is the DPFE on my '96 5.0:


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According to the part numbers from Ford, that is an EGR Control Valve (part Number F-63Z-9J459-AA) for the '97 EX), and is different in appearance from the DPFE found on the left side of the block on the '96 4.0 Ltr.

I changed that part first as it was the least expensive at $22, and then changed the Position sensor-- $35--(attached to the EGR--and almost impossible to remove without the EGR--) along with the EGR-- $73. The only thing that I failed to change was the hoses (they appeared to be clean inside--and I forgot to get new ones).

I could very well be wrong--my wife says I usually am--but according to the ford dealer the part that you have pictured is not a DPFE. He brought one out and we both agreed that it didn't look like anything that was on the '97 V-8-- and according to his book was not what I needed.

Thanks for the reply and please correct me if I have made another mistake--I really need to figure this out.


If you are still checking. what happened did you ever correct your problem. I am having similar problems on my 97 5.0 early model without a DPFE.

I also have a slight exhaust manifold leak and wondered if that could be why I am getting the PO402 code

Please let me know how it worked out

If anyone else has any ideas I would appreciate your help


Robb said:
Someone correct me if I am wrong, but this is the DPFE on my '96 5.0:

No that's the EVR your model does not have the DPFE