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Code: P0743 TCC Question


January 12, 2006
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St Paul, MN
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'00 EB
Code: P0743 Question

I recently purchased a used 2000 EB explorer V8 with 69k. I have only driven the truck for a few weeks and everything feels fine with the transmission and shifting.

Yesterday I ran into a bit of a problem. I noticed when I started it up that the OD overive was off (light was on). I tunrd it off and thought nothing of it. Then on the way home after driving 30 or 40 miles the check engine light came on. I ran it over to checker auto parts and scanned for code P0743 Torque Converter Clutch Electrical Circuit.

I read a few threads and figure that it is probably a wiring issue. If anyone is familiar with this, where are the typical places to check the wiring? Is the solenoid and/or harness inside the TC? and any potential troubleshooting I can do.

The reason I ask it that there is a warranty on all lubricated parts and I am wondering if this would fall in that catergory?

There is an internal harness with the case connector, AND the external harness. Neither I would consider a lubricated part, although the internal harness does get bathed in fluid. There have been some good threads on here about harness problems... if you search 5r55E and harness I bet you will find some good info.

Doesn't FORD warrant the powertrain to 75K ?

Thanks for the info. I guess I'll have to do some digging around to see how the external harness looks.

As for the powertrain warranty, I'll have to give a ford dealership a call. I am not the original owner so I'm not sure if that will affect the coverage. That would be great if it was.