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code p1131 & p1151 check engine question


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May 26, 2009
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02, Explorer 4.6L 4x4
i got both of these codes for 2 days in severe cold teens temp and the check engine light came on.

today it's 50 degrees and the check engine light is no longer on in my 2002 4.6ltr eddie bauer 4x4

should i start by replacing the mass air flow sensor?

Mine had that same issue once and it turned out just to be that some water had got into the plug wells from condensation, it caused a misfire that went away when the temperature warmed up and the water dried out. Had it happen another time where the valve cover leaked and got oil in the plug wells and had to replace the valve cover gasket. I just replaced all the plug boots and cleaned the plugs while I was in it both times, cleared the computer and it never happened again.