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Code P1451 Please Help


November 12, 2009
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Central, NY
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1996 Ford Explorer Sport
Hello Everyone,

1996 Explorer Sport 4.0

Had 3 codes, one being the P1451 from a scan done at a Mechanic and the Data Base for the Scanner said the Valve Assembly (under the battery) needed to be replaced.

Replaced the part last night and started it up with no light.

But when I went to start it up again, the light came on so I went to Advanced auto to have them scan it and again got the P1451 Code, which in reading one of the threads on this sight says the "Canister Vent Solenoid is short circuted or bad".

Just got off the phone with the Mechanic after explaining what happened with the code coming back and he said I might have to have the computer "Re-Flashed" which can only be done at a Ford Dealer.

Called the Service Department at the Dealer and he said that it is "Possible" it would need to be done at a cost of $80.00 but was not 100% sure.

Can someone here please give me the real deal on this???

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks In Advance,


BTW: Still struggling with a 4X4 issue in another thread but and will update with my solution when solved.

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The canister vent solenoid is the problem or the wiring right at the solenoid. Not sure if autozone terminology is right though. The solenoid is up under the spare tire area.

You can always check evap control system canister vent solenoin circit malfunction

Problem Solved

After struggling with getting the spare tire out (which has been in there since the vehicle was made) I removed the Canister Vent Solenoid and after inspecting it, found the vent on the solenoid itself was clogged.

Blew through the hole that plugs into the canister and got rid of the restriction.

Re installed and no CEL or Codes so far.

The solenoid itself looks shot (and am going to replace it when I can get my hands on one) but am sure the restriction was giving me the problem.

NOTE: In searching for a canister solenoid replacement, the only places I have found it to be available is at the dealer, napa as a special order and of course the internet.

Hope this helps someone that has the same problem I had.



Is the position of the canister still in the rear of an explorer for 2002 models?

Evap canister is on top of fuel tank, but the canister vent valve is behind gas tank on rs frame rail.