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code P1451

bert koopman

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June 9, 2004
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Amsterdam (castricum)
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eddie bauer "96
OBD-II DTC code P1451 EVAP system canister Vent solenoid fault

Kan someone tell my were I ken fond this sensor :chug:
And what I ken doe about that

I read on another thread that it is located on top of the fuel tank...drop spare tire for better access. I have the same code on mine.

OK, I think that is wrong...I was looking for mine today. My manual says there is a Vapor Management Valve on the left frame rail, looks like it is under the battery. Could this be correct?

P1451 code, evaporative system, mechanic took off canisters (2 on 97 explorer), both conexion wires were cutted, he reconnected wires, until now, engine light is off. Also, there was a valve, I think, connected to canisters, it was in very bad condition, may need replacing soon.