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code PO301 AND P0316

Bill felde

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July 14, 2014
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2003 Sport Trac
codes show #1 cylinder misfire.BUT,I have pressure in my over flow reservoir.Even when the truck is cold and i remove the radiator cap i have coolant or air go into the over flow reservoir.the truck is not running this normal or do i possibly have a crack some where allowing coolant into the cylinder? I removed the #1 spark plug and no signs of antifreeze which turns the plug white????????While I wait for responses,I am going to replace the #1 spark plug.Is the pressure in the overflow reservoir normal??????????Thanks in advance for any and all comments.

I don't know where the #1 cylinder is located-but I can tell you this. I've cracked a plug apon installation on the passenger side closest to the firewall. It's a very awkward spot to put the plug back in- so I cracked it might wanna replace plug wires also. Easy fix non-the-less. Just take off the tire.

p0301 and p0316 cylinder #1 misfire sounds unrelated to pressure in your coolant reservoir.
Milky oil or water out of exhaust? Bubbling reservoir sounds like a classic head gasket issue.