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codes 0171/74 intake!! mainifold HELP


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June 29, 2009
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atlanta ga
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1996 explorer
I have taken off the upper intake manifold. I would rather not take off the lower manifold. Are the leaks that produce these codes usually in the upper or lower intake.

Side note , I loosened one of the blots for the lower intake manifold before I thought about posting this thread. Does loosning one bolt compromise the seal.

Thanks !!

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What engine?

If it's the 4.0 SOHC and you're that far, it's just 12 more bolts and simply remove the lower intake. My gaskets were flat and my cold idle especially is better. Watch torquing the bolts as it is plastic.

thanks . it is an ohv engine .

It is usually the gaskets where the upper meets the lower intake. The lower intakes gaskets usually only leak oil and won;t cause those codes.