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Codes p0113 p0102 help PLEASE!!


July 3, 2016
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mount Vernon ohio
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Mount Vernon,ohio
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00 ford explorer xlt v8
My vehicle is a 2000 5.0, I have aquired the two codes p0113 p0102, and I am not sure what is causing it! It runs awful, with the maf connected it has no high end power at all, with the maf unplugged it gains some of the high end power back buy revs slow, and has no low end power and bogs. I have tried at least 4 maf sensors, replaced the egr pressure feedback sensor(which was burnt up), cleaned the iac, fixed 4 vacuum leaks, recharged and oiled my kn filter, replaced coolest temp sensor, checked pcv valve did plugs and wires, gaskets seem fine but no fix, before the connector for the tps sensor there are little pin holes on all 3 of the wires for it, looks like they are from a multi meter test, could that be the problem?, could it be a ground? Or could my cold air intake be the problem? Please help me find out what this is, thank you

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Re wire your tps, if water got into the pin holes it will cause issues

Ide guess a wiring problem, trace back the melted wire from the egr sensor to look for more damage,
Or trace back the wires from maf and iat to make sure none of them are brittle or melted, any sign of damage and replace that wire.

Or get a new harness from junk yard!!!

Start and idle car...wiggle wire harness around....if it make any change in idle then it's a harness prob

Don't give up, once this is fixed it will run perfect as you have already done everything else!!!

Or could my cold air intake be the problem? Please help me find out what this is, thank you

Yes. Return the air intake stuff to stock, get rid of that oiled air filter and begin to troubleshoot from there.

The oil from the oiled filters has been known to kill maf sensors. Your is not measuring air temp, so, there's that.

Well I replaced the connector for the tps sensor yesterday and cleared the codes and it made it run alot better but still not 100%, it still was lacking a lot of power at higher rpms and would take forever to shift from 1st to second gear, I bought a stock air filter to put on tonight, so I'd that doesn't work I'm lost, also I looked under my kn filter last night and the was a little puddle of oil from my filter....

Exactly what Turdle said!!!!!
Get The OE filter on there,

Then get a can of "maf cleaner" from parts store, will say MAF on it, NOT carb and choke cleaner

Make sure it has a little straw and blast the 2 resistors inside your maf! get close as possible but don't poke with straw, could break
And spray the second sensor right after the maf for good measure
Let both air dry, "10-15 seconds"

Reset your computer, unhook battery for 10 minutes and go for drive,

What colour is trans fluid? dark or bright/ clean
Thin or thick feeling?

I checked the tranny fluid last night, it was perfect, I will have to get some of that cleaner!, I think what I'm going to do to ensure that I don't have a maf problem is take the one of my brothers sport trac,as it is the same as mine and if the stock filter doesn't fix the problem then I don't know what to do, this crap has got me so frustrated!

I will have to do all of this tonight after putting on my roll pan that I just built! It looks great!

I also should add that I've been battling with lean codes(FIXED) and these codes since may so my patience is pretty much gone...

Replace the iat sensor the computer uses it to determine fuel delivery depending on the density (temp) of the air , colder air is denser than warm, also check your O2 sensor data and fuel trims if possible and report back. My guess is the oiled filter killed both, I used to have one and don't miss it at all, and I don't notice any performance loss either running the stock dry filter.

Well I put the stock air box with a new filter back on and reset the computer, and still isn't running right, I checked and it is checking air temp just fine, what do I do now?

So after everything you've done what are the exact current symptoms?

The symtoms are it has lost so much top end power, It is honestly faster at half throttle than it it is at full throttle, but that is honestly really only noticeable towards the end of my gears so it is really only at high rpms, it also gets worse gas milage

Well I guess id have to experience it in person, the trans isn't slipping right? .... My power band in my 4.0 seems to be in the low-mid range so that almost sounds normal to me but to you I know it isn't sorry hopefully someone else will chime in on this one.

Perhaps your fuel pump isn't able to keep the fuel pressure up. Possible to run some Techron through the tank when almost empty. Or treat the carbon build up with Seafoam into the intake manifold, let sit, then idle it off. Then change the oil.