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Coil and spark plug replacement


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February 18, 2018
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2003 explorer Eddie bauer
Hello! I just started driving a 2003 Exploder Eddie Bauer. What brand should I use to replace the plugs and coil packs? I am new to this forum and Fords in general. Thanks in advance.

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Motorcraft is the way to go on those particular parts.

Plugs: Autolite, Denso, NGK, Champion, Motorcraft, just get the correct OE style plug, that is, don’t change heat ranges. OE was double platinum but I use the Finewire style.

You say coil packs, which would be the 4.6l engine.
The OE coils are actually Denso. No need to replace them unless one is bad. Though it would be wise to replace the coil boots.

If you actually have just a coil pack (the V6 4.0), it’s still OE Denso and no need to change. But do change the wires, go with a premium line, not a value line.

motorcraft only.. had mine in for 150,000 miles never had any aftermarket plug last half that..(though they where in bad shape the truck was still running good)

Always use Motorcraft plugs on ANY Ford V6 or V8 engine. For wires use whatever brand you want but do not buy the lowest grade or cheapest. I've wasted lots of money here over the years. Buy one good set and take care routing them.

As far as coil on plug, I like the ACCEL ones.