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Coil pack suggestions anyone


February 22, 2014
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2003 XLT V8
Hello fellow forum members. This is a general question for all my V8'ers out there. I'm just wondering what coil packs you guys suggest I look at accel and MSD. I don't have experience with Accel but I use MSD in my Honda. Are there any other plug that is a good choice or the 2 I have are perfectly fine. She has 150k on her. Just swapped out the factory plugs with Autolite Double platinums.

I used Accel when 1 of my COPs threw a misfire code, then there's 1 that's pending I replaced it too. I plan on buying 6 more for $26 each on amazon when I have a budget for it next month (got killed by new steering rack, alignment and new IAC this month)

Some lincoln ls users got some good reviews about Accel coils (LS are known to eat coils faster than other cars) They have to improvise a terminal and holder for the COP since it's reversed and longer.

Echlin or Standard, same diff. Get the premium line. I doubt performance products would do anything if they are they only performance thing on the rig.

I would settle for the motorcraft but they are pocket eaters