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Coil Packs


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March 27, 2003
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New Jersey
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96 Explorer 5.0
I have a 1996 Explorer 5.0 with 107k on her.

I just recently changed the plugs and wires. Now today, I got a check engine light with backfiring.

The code was a 0306 (Cylinder #6 misfiring).

I checked the wire and plug. all is fine. Should I assume it's a coil pack?

Are coil packs only available at ford or is there a cheaper place to buy them?

thanks, Mike

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If you changed the plugs and wires, and then you get te CEL likely you did something wrong. Go back and check again, pullthe cyl #6 PLUG AND CHECK IT OUT.
Then check your firing order...

Coil packs do go out but not very often.....

I should of been more clear about the time frame. the plugs & wires were changed about 3 months ago (when I bought the truck). I changed them due to the mileage, not any problems.

the CEL went off today. I am assuming that the coil packs are the originals.

not sure on fords prices of coil packs but MSD sells them for $60-$69 a piece..... summit carries them

My dads navigator was missfire on cylinder 4 ( code 0304) when the motor idle it ran like crap you could fill the miss fire when he got on it ran fine. It turned out to be the coil pack. I am pretty sure it's your coil pack.

But check to make sure you have a good conntion from the coil pack to the spark plug make sure spark plug wire did not get cut or some thing make sure it is not grounding out. just my 2 cents

Delfino Gabriel Mendez

more than likely, if all connections are good, its a 'pack. i like MSD stuff, but stock FoMoCo is just as good. its just really hard to improve on the high output stock DIS ignition that you have. buy whatever brand you like.

Thanks for all your help guys.

I'll be changing the coil pack next week!


I want to jump in and say coil pack too. Seems like the V8 explorers have more problem with the coil packs than the V6 ones. Ours needed a new coil pack too after a CEL.