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coil spacers with lift kit.


April 10, 2013
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so i have the tuff country 4 inch EZ ride kit and i have taken the parts and had them reinforced and re-welded. but my main question is if i wanted to add warrior shackles to the rear to give it 6 inches of lift or around that and i wanted to use coil spacers with the new coils to do the same would i need a longer pitman arm well one that is longer than the new one in the kit and would i have to modify the center drop brackets.

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you would need extended radius arms to make it work well, otherwise you might as well stay at 4" because it wont flex any better with coil spacers

If im right the 4 inch drop bracket is the same for the 6 so shouldnt need another one. But not 100 percent

with the 6" lift you need extended radius arms or you gain nothing over the 4" kit as far as flex and function. If you go 6" with stock arms you may lose flex vs the 4" kit. If you are just going for look then it should be ok, but functionally it will suck

I thought he had longer arms oops. I would rather get arms as it will add to flex if you use it to wheel