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Coil Spacers


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November 18, 2006
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Gilbert, sc
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'91 XLT
at advance auto today i picked up a pair of coil spring spacers. They are basically rubber circles that fit into the coil springs and add about 2 inches to the height...theoretically.

has anyone had any experience with these before? am i about to get myself killed?
also, what is a good/cheap way to lift the rear to match?

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ya i got them on mine. i guess they work, i have a 4" inch lift plus those up front and the soa in the back and its sits level.

i ran those type of spacer on my old ex. after a while they started to sag. that and i ejected one when i jumped and landed. i built rear shackles to the 153 specs and my ex sat lower in the front.

Why run cheap rubber crap when you can put f150 spacers (lower spring seats) in for just a few bucks more? I'd say skip them, they'll break down or like holshotracer said they can get thrown out.

I got my f150 spacers at a u-pull yard for less than 20 bucks and they'll never break or be thrown out.