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coil spacers


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December 31, 2011
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92 Explorer Eddie bauer
Got some coil spacers in the mailbox for my 91 explorer

Looks like the same spacers i used on my Jeep XJ


some one have a picture of the same spacers innstalled?

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I don't have a pic.but I have those on mine and when I installed them I had to grind down the area where the coil wouldn't seat right till I look out for that.just a tip.

If I remember right, it's 1 1/8".

1-1/8" Easiest way to access the nut is go get a deep socket and go through the middle of the coil from the top with long extension(s), so you can get a impact wrench on it to break it loose. I do not recommend replacing the nut with an impact.

Ahh. . Close to 1 1/8 is 28mm. . I can't move that nut. . I have to find a way. . Wd40 and heat it up next

I cut the end off a combo wrench and used a high lift jack handle for some extra oomph... I had to do that when I was taking the Radius arms off my beams.


Yes, that is electrical tape holding the wrench in the handle...


Where did you order the coil spacers? What brand. I am going to be doing those in the next few weeks

How did it all turn out? Id like to see pictures of them installed and how it all went getting it back to the proper alignment. did you need new camber bushings? those look like they are near 3" and no drop brackets were needed so i assume it was difficult. Thanks

If i remeber right the spacers was 2,5" but i needed to cut about 0,5" to make them fit.. i have no problems wit the spacers and it rides just fine.
This is stock wheels and tires with the coil spacers:


With 32x11,5 :


And with 33x12,5 and the reason i'm waiting for my 5,5" lift:D


Btw, just a tip. A hitch ball wrench (about $10 at the auto parts store) is the right size for those nuts that hold the springs. I saw this somewhere on here, and it saved me a lot of trouble when I was changing out my springs!