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coil spring spacers


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February 7, 2015
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dillsboro, in
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1994 ford explorer 4wd
can i use coil spring spacers off a 90 jeep cherokee xj & put them on my 94 explorer ? i was looking at mounting them on the bottom of the spring. the only thing i could see that i would have to get is a longer bolt to accomidate for the spacer, maybe about 5 inches longer ? just trying to do a small lift on the cheap & use what i have instead of buying a kit. the coil spring spacers are only 2 inches long. any ideas would be helpful. thanks

Hey I just added coil spacers on my 94 explorer sport, your actually better off to just make the spacers yourself. If you go to FASTENAL or a commercial hardware store, they will carry exactly what you need. you just need to use a washer that fits over the coil retaining nut, holding in the coil to the axle beam, so all I would do is remove the nut and go and take it to the fastener store, and find the proper washer. I bought Grade 8 washers. Heres some pics

I used 7 washers that were just under 3/16 of an inch in width, Ended up with abuot 1 1/8" of lift. Since the explorer coils are the age of the vehicle they had sagged and I never ended up needing an Alignment but its different for all applications. I have a 2 door sport. I bought a pair of Ranger leafs and used the secondary and third leafs from those and mixed them into my Explorer leafs. Worked really well. got exact right amount of lift I was looking for. This lift cost me less then 200$ including the cost of the bald tires, I mounted myself. As for the jeep coil spacers, I wouldnt bother with them... and it would depend on the thickness of them.. you may still need drop brackets, pitman arm drop, extended lines, if they are anything near 2 1/2"