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For Sale Coilover brackets, uca's, lca's, coilovers, lots more

Coilover brackets, lca's, lots more

All these parts are for 95-01 explorers and rangers, but may fit others I dont know. Used parts are from a 1998 4 door. The new items below are from a project i am putting on hold, and are being shipped for less than what I paid and what you would. Thanks.

Custom made brackets to run coilovers up front. Coilovers not included. Come with upper and lower brackets, hardware, gussets, and brand new MOOG lower control arms and bushings. $500 shipped for the pair. I'll even throw in a pair of moog stickers almost a foot long. (I am selling with the lca's cause they are drilled for these and probably couldnt sell them seperate) These were made by the guy that does them on the ranger forum. Sprayed with a clear coat as well.

Moog sway bar end links, new $20 shipped
Anchor 5.0 motor mounts, new $50 shipped
Evolution powerstop ceramic brake pads, front and rear sets, new $40 shipped

Brand new Super start battery, $100 pick up or meet only

And the $20 dollar used parts pickup sale in or around Austin, TX:

Driver front door window $20
Driver rear door window (including small one) $20
Rear hatch window $20
Passenger quarter window $20
Passenger front door window $20
4 tires and wheels $20
rack and pinion steering $20
front hubs/spindles/rotors (off a 2002) $20 a side
Front sway bar $20
gauge cluster $20
steering column and wheel $20
brake booster, reservoir, etc $20
torque converter $20
fuse box cluster, wiring $20
driver and passenger airbags $20 a piece
torsion bars with hardware $20
driveshaft $20


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PM sent on the tie rod ends.

For those of you who are unsure about buying any of this stuff... I bought the tie rod ends Greenstripper had listed. They were exactly as advertised and fit perfectly. Shipping was prompt, good communication, and the deal went fine.
Two thumbs up.