Coilover swap done.. Need stainless brake lines. WHERE DO I GET THEM?? | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Coilover swap done.. Need stainless brake lines. WHERE DO I GET THEM??


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April 11, 2007
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Chesterfield, MI
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98 mountaineer v8
So i have a slightly lifted 98 mountaineer, i swapped the T-bars out for some qa1 coil over shocks with the RCD brackets. Put it all together and started checking clearances.. All good except i can't go stop to stop with my steering. The 90 degree fitting on the caliper hits the coil. I Drilled some 1/2" bolts into my lower control arms to limit my steering as its my daily driver.

So I need some stainless brake lines.. And cannot find them anywhere. Will another year fit? i just need a straight flexible fitting on block at the caliper. I can move it around and out of the way from there.

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here is what you are looking for.
You might look around for a better deal.


i got some 4-6 inch lift stainless ones from summit racing, you would have ALOT of extra line left over. also check ebay.
...but i have a first gen X, maybe they are the same or close to it. they are made by procomp im pretty sure
they were about 110 bucks...

I've found them all day long for the first get explorers and bronco 2's. I just didn't know if the ends are the same, thread, etc. I found a local shop i'll call. See how that pans out.