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Cold air intake?

October 15, 2013
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2005 mercury mountaineer
Im lookin to find a cold air intake for my 2005 4.0 sohc im not sure if they make any for these model explorers/mountaineers if anybody has one put on their 4.0 let me know here you got it from thanks

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Im lookin to find a cold air intake for my 2005 4.0 sohc im not sure if they make any for these model explorers/mountaineers if anybody has one put on their 4.0 let me know here you got it from thanks

I'm pretty confident they make them. Depending on how much you're willing to spend, you can pick one up from $30 dollars to $300 dollars. Ebay is a great source for kits, however some users note the need for slight modification. Or, you could purchase a KN product, AEM, or etc. for much much more.

I suggest you keep an eye out on Ebay for a nice used product with a decent air filter. Matter of fact, I just picked up a mint AEM Brute CAI for $130 dollars shipped off of ebay, which normally costs $300 bucks.

Thanks I've been lookin at a k&n air filter setup on amazon for about 250 bucks and seen a couple reviews say they had to modify it a little to make it fit

Cold air intakes don't do a darn thing for performance. They actually suck up hot air from under your hood which will reduce power if anything. People think their vehicle is faster because the filter allows for more sound. They are snake oil plain and simple. Not worth the money.

You would be better off leaving it alone or fabricating a real cold air intake that runs out of the engine bay and allows for real fresh air.

Mine came with a CAI system installed by the PO. I didn't like the look of it so I bought a used stock setup and switched it to stock. Cleaned the MAF during the switch over. With the stock setup, I've lost 2 MPG in-town but have stayed the same for highway mileage. (This is using the miles/gallon math method, not the message center and is over the span of about 3 months.) So I'm going to switch it back this spring. Not sure if it's the CAI or the different type of filter it uses. Or the switch to winter blend fuel formula happening about the same time I changed the CAI for the stock. It used a cone style filter that can be cleaned and reoiled, which I really don't like. But it probably is more efficient than the stock filter.

Intake setups do not ADD horsepower to an engine, they free up hp that's already there. We've done a bunch of testing with different vehicles and some respond well to a QUALITY setup like a K&N and some have almost no gains at all. I put a K$N setup on our 03 EX with a 4.6 and noticed better throttle response and about 1 mpg better at the pump. Quality aftermarket intakes flow more air but unless you do something with the exhaust to flow more you won't see huge gains. An engine is a large air pump, more air in needs more air out. Just make sure you use one with a shroud that reduces the amount of underhood air that it's sucking in.

True. Like I said, I don't think the CAI did anything but it could've been the switch from stock filter to the cone type that accounted for the gas mileage.

A CAI without a tune is worthless, you could put in a massive cone filter in front of the truck and suck all the incoming air without any gain in HP or gas mileage. Everything is controlled by the ECM via the MAF and IAT sensor. Even then a gain in CAI is not complete without an exhaust upgrade too.

Now when you tune, you have to consider that you could only choose 1 and everything is a compromise between efficiency, power, emissions and engine life. You can't have both maximum power and maximum efficiency.

The best CAI is the stock installed in the truck.


Probably chaulk up my MGP difference to winter gas reformulation then. So I should expect to see my MGP go back to where it was earlier when they switch back to summer blend.

Im not looking for anything performance wise im just looking for more mpg

Try just moding your current intake .. There is a thread on it.. You pull the silencer cone behind the headlight, pull the thing (another silencer?) off the intake hose.. Plug that hole with a cap from an oil bottle and a hose clamp.. Then drill as many holes in the bottom of your air box as you want.. Cheap, but you can try it out .. Give the engine a nice growl and you get the same effects.... Like I said I'm pretty sure there is an airbox mod thread ..