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Cold start problems


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January 27, 2005
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Toronto, Canada
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1991 Explorer XLT
I got a 91 xlt 5 speed V6

The problem that I'm having is when i try to start my truck in the morrning
when i turn the key it cranks over of about 2sec then it pauses then cranks for another 2sec then starts.

I got a new battery(plus terminals)
new battery cable to the starter
fuel pump
fuel filter
fuel pump rely
new starter 1 year ago

Can anyone help me diagnose this problem

one other thing....It only does this when i first start it in the mornings cold start. after it starts it dosn't do it again...intill the morning?

Replace the negative cable too.

Can having thick oil in my truck cause this problem???

I currentlly have mobil 1 5w 50 synthetic

the weather here is about -10 *C right now

Fixed the problem

well i fixed the problem

the oil that i had in the engine was too thick so i went with 5w 30 syn
also changed the plugs and air filter
the truck starts up great