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Cold start up shakes whole truck



1993 Explorer Limited shakes like crazy on the initial start up. Once its warmed up it runs smooth, it only happens when the engine is cold. What gives?

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There have been quite a few of us with that same issue. TO date I have not figured mine out. I know others have tried changing fuel pressure regulators, fuel pump, tried putting carbon cleaner and injector cleaner spark plugs, just about everything else with no luck... Just out fo curiosity, does your vehicle also smell like gasoline vapor occasionally?

Matt Adams
94 Explorer 4-door nick-named "Tippy"

Would you pull the choke knob if you had one? If so, it appears that the computer does not know that the engine is cold because the engine coolant temperature sensor is not communicating. Without this input the computer will not enrich the mixture required for a stable cold engine operation.

Does the coolant temp. sensor not set a code if it is bad?

Try cleaning your MAF sensor. Nothing to lose and it might work. Don't forget to reset the computer after cleaning.:D