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Coleto Creek


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February 16, 1999
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Port Lavaca, Texas.
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1997 TJ & 91 Eddie Bauer
Just checking to see if anyone might want to head out there one day over the X-mas break. I've got off from the 12-20 to 1-7, so just about anytime except between the 25th and the 29th will work.

It is mostly the same as in the past, but the muddy spots in the trees and around 446 are a little deeper because of the recent rain.

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I would be willing to run down there. I am going to tackle the Front end swap on my Monster this week. I sould have the it ready enought to wheel for sure. A bunch of the guys from work go down there all the time.

Offroading in Texas

Hi, I havn't been on this site in about 6 months. Now that I am back I finally found some other people in Texas who want to offroad. Where is this place your talking about? I am in Arlington Texas about 20 miles from Dallas. The best place to offroad overhere just got dozed and leveled. So I am now out of places to go. I would like to go offroading with ya if we can designate a time and place after Jan 1st (I have three weeks of vacation as of Jan 1st). Just in case your wondering, my 1992 Explorer has, homemade snorkel, 8000lbs winch,
Flowmaster cat back system, 35x12.50 Dick Cepek Mud terrain Tires, 4.56 Motive gears, Manual locking hubs, Trak lok Limited slip diff in front, A locked Up Differential in rear (I locked it up for good), 6.5 inches of lift in front and 5.5 inches in rear, high lift jack mounted, cb, and much more. Let me know I like a challenge. :cool:


Coleto Creek is in Victoria TX about 10 minutes from my House.

If you want to do a run that is Closer I have plans to set up a run after Christmas(maybe the Slabs in Austin) so that I can do a serious test on my Green Explorer It sounds like your Explorer is very well set up so you sould no th ave a problem.

Thanks for the offer. If you could let me know a couple weeks in advance when you are going so I can make sure im off work. I am a technician for FORD, so I am very familiar with fords. Most of the stuff on my rig is made by me ( lots of welding and configuring). I will upgrade my membership so I can post a picture. I am ready to go whenever you are, It would be nice if the club would hold a gathering at Gilmour, my buddy goes there all the time with his jeep club. Well see ya later.:p


Hi, well I was just going to let you know I am going to San Antonio to see some relatives this weekend coming up ( Dec 21 & 22 ), do any of you know any places near San Antonio to go offroading, secondly will any of you be there. :D

Well I know a few of us were thinking of hitting Devils Den in a few weeks which is in San Antonio. We dont have dates yet. As I am Trying to get my Truck completed. I am Hoping ot have it done this week.

Send me PM's or emails or something incase I miss a thread, whether ya'll do Coleta Creek or Devil's Den.


I am going to go out for a while this weekend if anyone is interested. I'm planning on Saturday, but could switch to Sunday. If anyone wants to go we can mee up in Victoria and head out.

Sunday (daytime) might be good for me. I just have to hope my rear drive shaft is not too short.

I'm available either day.

It's a good way to test it Kris. :D

It's mostly a dirt and sand environment down there, right?


You should have no problem down there at all. Not any good Rocks to play on though.

Sunday is fine. Where do you want to meet up?

how about my place at about 11:00?

Kris, PM me your address and I'll be there.
How much time do you usually budget for trips between Houston and home? Use the Hooters location for your estimate.

John, it is about 2 hour drive. Your about to have a PM.

In a few minutes, I'll be on my way to your house Kris.


ok, who wants me to email them the 11Mb zip file of photos that I took?

Here's some of my fav pics from today.

From left to right: Brandon - Chevy Sonoma, Kris - Explorer (Michael riding shotgun), Me - Sport Trac, and Shaggy - Jeep Wrangler.


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I hadn't seen Kris in a few weeks, but I think he got a hair cut.


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