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Coleto Creek

Kris is showing off what Super Swampers can do.


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Shaggy tries to help pull out a stuck Chevy.


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Brandon trying to get through the mud hole. It took him 3 or 4 attempts. Kris and I made it on the first attempt. :D


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Looks like you guys had fun. I wish I could have gone at least to watch. I would have never made it through some of that stuff. Maybe next time.:(

It was definitely some soft sand in areas. A 2wd would have gotten stuck easily.


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Last one for tonight...


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Good pics Johnstone. Thanx for the motivation @ the mudhole. Come to find out I damaged the Quarter panel on the bed. Good thing I was going to the body shop anyway. Had a blast!:D

I finally setup my home server to be able to be accessed from the outside world. This is over my SBC DSL service, so don't expect it to be fast. I host all the pictures that I have taken @

So here are the pictures I took from the Coleto Creek outing:
This link is a HTML page that shows the thumbnail pics that you can click on to see the full-size images.

This is a directory listing of all the images.