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colindo94 fullwidth swap

Well it's about time to start collecting the parts I need for the swap. I wiil be using a Dana 44 front axle and a fullsize 8.8" rear end from a 89 fullsize bronco. please give me any kind of insight on what I plan to use. All commentary is wanted:)

Edited with final parts
Dana 44 from 76 f-150
-78-79 coil spring towers spaced out with 3x4 steel
-Wildhorse crawler 5.5" coil springs.
-F-250 shock towers
-5.13 Yukon ring and pinion
-Master overall kit.
-Warn primium hubs.
-Cage offroad radius arms.
-78-79 stock tie rod
-Explorer stock drag link
-custom trackbar with heims. Bottom heim is a 3/4" heim and top is a 5/8" heim with 1.5" .25 wall DOM.
-Stock 76 f-150 trackbar bracket welded to a 3/16" plate of steel.
-7* C bushing kit.
-Bilstein 14" travel 5100 shocks
-Open Differential for now
-Timkin wheel bearings and seals.
-All new disk brakes and custom stainless steel brakelines

Fullwidth 8.8 from a 88 bronco
-5.13 Yukon ring and pinion
-Master install kit.
-weld on spring perches/ u bolts/ shock mounts.
-custom shackles that are the same length of warrior shackles.
-skyjacker Add-a-leaf
-new drums with stock fullsize bronco e-brake cables and custom frame bracket.
-skyjacker extended brakeline for explorer.
-extended diveshaft with 1310/1330r basterd u-joint.

Wheels and tires
-36x12.5" TSL Radials
-15x8" black steel rockcrawler wheels.

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I think its always a great idea to upgrade while you can. You changing rears anyways and getting all new gears, lockers and brakes. So why keep an 8.8 and go with a 9"

Admitted, its not THAT much stronger (but it is a little) but its real advantage comes down the road. Parts are so easy to find, and there are millions avaliable. Disk brakes are a cinch, then thers stuff like hi pinion, trusses for links, cheaper gears and lockers avaliable (more often specials for 9 stuff) Some have a bigger pinion yoke so you get a stronger u joint, the list goes on and on.

Yea I agree with everything you have said and I am still on the search for both axles (parts truck). If I can find one for a low price then I will go 9", but I have the 8.8 in my garage and it was free.

9"s are basically free too. Just look around in junkyards or craigslist.

Yea I have been looking a lot lately, but for some reason I have had a hard time finding anything. Everyone tells me how easy it should be to find some axles out here in California, but so far its been a little tough. The only dana 44 I have found the guy wanted $675 for it.

well sounds good so far. and you cant beat a free axle.

Yea, I agree, but Snoborder has a good point and I will be sure to look into a 9" while I'm on my search.

I would put in a little extra to have the 9"

Yll find one. There everywhere.

i found mine on pirate. and your not far from sac try look in the pic n pull. there are 2 for recyclers out hear to. you know where recycle road is?

I went down to Sunrise the other day and cheched out pick and pull, American River, and the Ford recyclers, but found nothing but a $675 Dana 44. Im still searching so if anyone has them I would be happy to buy them. Were is recycle road? I heard of a place called subway truck on Del Paso rd. They may have the axles I need. I plan to call around more tomarrow.

I might hit the JY here in Chico tomorrow. I'll see if there's anything there.

that aria basicly is recycle road. did you look in both the ford places? ther is a pic n pull in rocklin to. if thats not to far for you.

Section525- That would be great. see what they got. What not a better excuse to go up to Chico.

Lifeguard379- I only went to one of the ford places (right across the street from picknpull on sunrise) And rockland isn't too far. Ill check it out tomorrow.
Thanks for the help.

your welcome the other ford place is right behind the first one. instead of turning in the parking lot just go strait on that little street and follow it around the turn. its on the right side.
and the rocklin pic n pull is on taylor rd

alright I'm there tomorrow. Where are you in sac. We could get together sometime and talk SAS.

i see stuff on pirate all the time, makes me wish i lived in california.... almost. althought i must admit, i'd rather live in california than in Illinois.

I have the 8.8 in mine with a spool and its held up just fine. Infact i broke the spool and the hardened center pin but nothing as far as axle shafts or gears. I think the 8.8 is tough enough. All i did was weld the axle tubes to the center section to keep them from spinning. If you have the cash upgrade of course but dont think that the 8.8 is not strong enough.

Yea I think it will be strong enough, but i'm still keeping an eye out for the 9"

So what are you guys using for steering and trackbar and trackbar brackets?

i used the stock 79 f150 mount and i will be useing the stock drag link and a full size bronco drag link. and im in citrus heights.

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TrackBar: I use a stock one off a 78 f150. It used a stock frame mount attached with a steel plate.