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colindo94 fullwidth swap

Well it's about time to start collecting the parts I need for the swap. I wiil be using a Dana 44 front axle and a fullsize 8.8" rear end from a 89 fullsize bronco. please give me any kind of insight on what I plan to use. All commentary is wanted:)

Edited with final parts
Dana 44 from 76 f-150
-78-79 coil spring towers spaced out with 3x4 steel
-Wildhorse crawler 5.5" coil springs.
-F-250 shock towers
-5.13 Yukon ring and pinion
-Master overall kit.
-Warn primium hubs.
-Cage offroad radius arms.
-78-79 stock tie rod
-Explorer stock drag link
-custom trackbar with heims. Bottom heim is a 3/4" heim and top is a 5/8" heim with 1.5" .25 wall DOM.
-Stock 76 f-150 trackbar bracket welded to a 3/16" plate of steel.
-7* C bushing kit.
-Bilstein 14" travel 5100 shocks
-Open Differential for now
-Timkin wheel bearings and seals.
-All new disk brakes and custom stainless steel brakelines

Fullwidth 8.8 from a 88 bronco
-5.13 Yukon ring and pinion
-Master install kit.
-weld on spring perches/ u bolts/ shock mounts.
-custom shackles that are the same length of warrior shackles.
-skyjacker Add-a-leaf
-new drums with stock fullsize bronco e-brake cables and custom frame bracket.
-skyjacker extended brakeline for explorer.
-extended diveshaft with 1310/1330r basterd u-joint.

Wheels and tires
-36x12.5" TSL Radials
-15x8" black steel rockcrawler wheels.

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I drove about 50-55 mph and had no vibration but the only thing that will be a problem that I can see with my pinion angle is it will hit stuff on the trail. IS there a skid plate I can get for the 8.8?

Is the track bar bracket welded to the plate you have it mounted to? I couldn't tell from the picture. I would put another gusset or two on it since there's a lot of stress put on that part of the vehicle.

Nice job!

Yea I still havn't welded it yet. I wasn't planing on a gusset, but it does sound like a good idea. So I was out wheeling in Navada the other day with my brother. His truck was having a great deal with staying cool in the 100+ temperatures. So that got me thinking about electric fans. Something with a simple switch on the dash to turn on when its needed. I don't want to get rid of the stock fan, just want something to assist it in cooling when driving slowly in 4lo. Do these things help a noticable amount or am I wasting my time. I was thinking of getting one out of a cherokee that came stock with electric fans and just wireing up a switch to the dash. Any thoughts?

do it its 2 wires and it cant hurt...

I would pick up a Ford Taurus fan. They're just as easy to install and move a bunch of air.

I would weld/gusset that track bar mount as soon as possible. That one bolt is getting way too much stress put on it as it is right now.

Again, nice job on the swap!

looks awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i would use the anti lock sensor it will get rid of the dash light that will come on if it is not hooked up and, will help you from locking up them big tires
i have the 9in rear no sensor spot but i pluged the senseor back in, no light but, it thinks the axel is locked up so it pulses when i stop.
befor i pluged it back in. the rear tires would lock up easly.
do you have any pics of what you did with the e brake cabels ?

I also have ABS in the front that will click the sensor on if they arne't pluged in. I really see no need for antilock brakes. I would rather pump in case of a lock up. And I left the tone ring out of the rear end so I won't have them there either.

well I was wondering about the camber adjustment. My tires seem to lean outward at the top. I now have the no adjustment shims in the top part of the "c" where the upper ball joint goes through. I also have a pair of shims with the offset hole that I think will give me some adjustment. I would rather have no adjustment at all because its just one more thing that can get knocked out of adjustment, but if I have to put them in to keet the tires from leaning I will put them in. SO do any of you guys run these adjustable camber shims or is this kinda weird???

I dont use it but its not weird :D

I;m thinking about taking the overload spring out of my leaf pack. I have a skyjacker add-a-leaf in there already. Is this a bad thing to do? I thought I'd check with you guys before I did it and broke my leaf spring in half or something. I don't tow at all and I can't see myself putting any kind of a load on it except for a spare tire and some weekend supplies.

I took my overload out of my stock Ex springs when I put in an add-a-leaf, it didn`t cause any problems that I could see, but I only ran it a year or so and then changed it all with the "Zimmerman mod". When I took it out it wasn`t seeing any overload situations, so I thought it was redundant in there. I don`t know if it`s "wrong" or not, as far as weakening the system. maybe someone else ran like that for a long time here?

why did you eventually go to the OME springs? I was thinking about going to the Zimmerman mod myself. The Add-A-Leaf is a bit stiff.

My leaf springs go in a negative arch when stuffed, so I just leave them in just in case $hit happens I guess!!

I went OME because the ranger main springs in my zimmerman mod started warping, one became twisted laterally actually. It`s effective for flex but after repeated wheeling it doesn`t hold up IMO.


There is also a problem of keeping them in line, I became very creative here to fight this problem but finally it was side forces while flexed that fatigued the Ranger spring.
I wouldn`t do it again and wouldn`t recommend it personally.

I put some 4* shims in my rear leafs and took out the overload spring. I like the pinion angle much better and I took it on the freeway and there is no vibration.
I seem to have a problem now though
When I locked my front hubs to go wheeling I have a tarable noise coming from the fron hub area. It sounds like when you drive with the ebrake on very slowly. I took the hub off when I first heard the noise and nothing seemed to be wrong with it. I still heard the noise with the hub off also. It isn't wheel bearings because there is no noise in 2 wheel drive. Only when the front axle is locked and in motion. Could It be the spindle bearing? It wasn't making the noise the otherday a prarie city when I was wheeling and I drove home with the hubs locked. It sat for a couple days after and I did go through a big mud puddle when I was in Prarie City. Does anyone have any ideas? I hate pulling the whole assemble apart!

Front driveshaft maybe?

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there is no such thing as spindle bearings on a d44, those are the wheel bearings inner and outer.

If you drove through deep water and left it sit for a few days, possibly got some water in the pinion or carrier bearings?