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Colorado - Red Cone next weekend?


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September 17, 1999
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is anyone int he Colorado area interested in attempting Red Cone next weekend or the weekend after that? I've been trying to find a group of people to go with since may...

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Sorry Matt, but I don't have the b%@*'s to do that one.
If there was a way to go around it I could watch from the bottom, but I have seen it and it is a LONG WAYS DOWN
to go around.
Make sure someone goes in front of you and can video tape it for you.
Tell me how it goes when you get back...........

I don't think anyone else has the guts to go, which really sucks for me cause I can't go without other people :). People it's really not as scary as described in the book. I've ridden down it before and I've driven up until just about the scary downhill, and it's not that hard... I would've gone down it when I was there earlier this summer but it was still blocked by snow. Agh. Definately requires some balls, but no one has ever died on Red Cone yet, which can't be said for the milder alternative right next to it, webster pass.

Red Cone

Did this one first around 24 years ago in my in-law's 3/4 ton Chevy truck (38" tires at the time, I believe). We took turns driving, except the part off of the top, where the rest (truck owner and family) got out of the truck and "let" me drive down. After that, I was deemed fit to marry into the family....

As I recall, I kind of appreciated the longer wheelbase at the time, although I was kind of sliding most of the way down, mostly controlled.

I don't live in the area anymore... rats!

Go do a search on RED CONE and see what people say. It might not be as bad as people say, but it is still STEEP!!
Maybe after I do a few other trips I can get more comfortable with driving the Exploder. Dad was going to talk to a guy we know that has been down it a few times. We will see what he says.
Why do you need two other people to go with? One to get help, one to see where you land if you go over? You can see the bottom if you look hard enough. LOL

Perry - I've ridden down it as passenger before and while that's not necessarily as scary as being the driver, in other ways its more scary. It certainly isn't the "scariest trail in colorado" as one author put it, I've been on trails that I have just about frozen up on and I can handle shelf roads pretty good usually, red cone gets your heart beating but not enought o make you not want to do it :).

By the way, three people is so I go in the middle, one person goes down ahead of me and videotapes me coming down, then the person at the top videotapes me going down fromt eh other angle :). SEriously though, I have to have at least one other vehicle to go with, it'd be stupid not too.. three is a good sized group.



I've ran Red Cone twice this year, and it was fun!
The first time I ran it, there was severe pucker factor going down the descents, mostly because of how people talked it up.
Personally, I didn't think it was all that it was talked up to be.
Nevertheless, a cool trail, the second time I took the REALLY tough lines, putting tires IN the moguls going down, that was INSANE!!! But a lot of fun, we took our entire group during ColoradoZu down it, 20 trucks.

Here's a link to a website with pics:

And here is a local group that I wheel with, feel free to join, and post about trips on it.
or this one:


Gee whiz Matt

I wish I lived there; it's just too far away. You KNOW I'd give it a try.

When you finally do go I think you should make it a night run and light 'em up going down the hill. If you started rolling, it would look like Christmas! :confused:

Gerald, if he rolled, we would be reading about the UFO that showed up in Colorado, on RedCone...

Of course, the US Air Force would deny it occurred, and label it as 'swamp gas'.

hey if it was a UFO then the air force would pay to have it removed right? Cause if you roll, it would be a pain to recover it, and probably cost you a load of dough...

...always trying to find ways to get out of paying for stuff... :)

Tell you what, Matt. If you think my cute little stocker can make it, I'll go with you. I know the weekend is upon us, but maybe another time. You know how we stockers are, crazy enough to try anything once. (Should that be "whee stockers"?)

I looked at that Isuzu group's page. It looks like a hairy ride, but it looks do-able if you just keep your wits and use those moguls right.

Darkman - I think a stocker could make it no problem. This weekends nog ood as its snowing up there, but I'll let you know... perhaps next weekend when weather improves... did you get those pics on the net yet? :)

VERY Do-able... with a good spotter.driver combo

Originally posted by DarkMan
I looked at that Isuzu group's page. It looks like a hairy ride, but it looks do-able if you just keep your wits and use those moguls right.

It was pretty hairy, the first time, the second was awesome! FYI, to avoid some of the larger moguls, the easiest line on the first descent is to the right. The second and third aren't as bad as the first IMHO.


Darkman & Matt,
If it does dry up and the first snow of the year is gone, I suppose Matt & AFUinCO has talked us into also going. I guess I can roll the windows up on the steep part so you guys can't hear us screaming!!!!!!!
We have been at the base of the run with my folks and watched people come down. That is one place you won't want to break any speed records.
If I remember, Tammy was always saying something about you being a @&#*$? at CCR2000 for taking the easy route, so maybe this will make up for that. ha,ha!!
Hope for some good weather. As we know, living in Co. it could be back in the 80's.

ok I think we are going to tentatively plan it for next Sunday. Trint, how soon can you get out to 285? It might be a good idea to be at the trailhead by 10 or 11 or so to ensure getting off before itstarts getting cold again, adn fron the c-470 and 285 its probably an hour-an hour and a half to the trailhead. This will be weather pending of course.

O.K. where is 285 and C470?
I know where C470 and I-76 is. When we went over to CCR2000 we took I-70 and that first hill out of Denver was a killer. I could only do about 50 so you will have to be patient with us. (D#%n stock gears!!!)
It will take us about an hour from our house to get to Denver area (just to be on the safe side)
I would rather get a early start so if something happens or we take our time you don't get back real late.


Not to get you too excited Matt, but I got a video camera to take that video of your awsome decent down Red Cone!!!

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Darkman, Perry, and anyone else who's interested in attending...
I think we are planning on meeting at 285 and C-470 (thats about 5-10 miles south of I-70) around 8:30-9:00am on Sunday, if at all possible. There is a little parking lot just west of C-470 and that's where we'll plan on meeting (or just off the shoulder of 285 if there's not too many of us there). Hopefully there won't be any snow... let me know if you're planning on going so we know who to wait for!