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Colorado Springs After the turkey run.


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May 29, 2001
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So is anyone up for some wheeling on the long turkey weekend?

A few Rangers, including last weeks "Rough Ranger :roll: ", Shawn (rolled his rig in Left Hand Canyon), are going to be down in the 'Springs on (tenantively) Saturday (November 24, 2001) morning for a run(s) off of Gold Camp and Old Stage roads. Of course the cast and crew of Serious Explorations is invited!

Zach (Redneck88 on the RRORC board), says the trails are mostly "suitable for a stock vehicle but hard enough to keep the mod guys entertained." (you can go to his website and cgeck out the fr370b trail in the trails section for pics - Dead Link Removed

The plan right now is to rally in the 'Springs at the Village Inn or Denny's at I25 and Lake (Circle Drive). 930am.

Those of us comuting from up north (Denver) could rally at the Diamond Shamrock on C470 and Hwy85 (Santa Fe) at 730-800am to head south to the 'Springs together. Perhaps we could come home the seinic route - Cpousnr and I did a part of a trail west of Castle Rock this summer (off of Rampart Range Road, I think? We'll find it.).

Again, if you want to get ahold of me, call my home at 720-540-0700 or cell at 303-817-9004. keep an eye on this thread and I will update the 411 when we get the plans completely firmed up.

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I'll speak to my better half before I commit to goin' . So if things go well , we will be there . Any idea how many vehicles yet ? Joe93 , Perry , 69ME , 2Tone ??? How long of a day should we plan for ? Will we end up back in Springs (or Denver , Castle Rock ?) ;)

Sorry guys but we can't make it. I've wheeled the last couple weeks on some RUFF trails and I need to do a few things to the "X" before we go that far.

Just going to stay close to home and spend some time with the family.

Finally get a run down here in the springs and of course I have to work that day. I'd be up for friday but I doubt that would happen. I hope you guys have fun. Most of the trails are sutable for stockers. I have a trail that I would like to explore in the future if any one is up for that.

Ok im ready to run looks like a full day there are many trails in the area and ive been on aloet of them so far the group will be small unless more of you guys want to go there will be two for sure lonewolf and myself we had a third but he had to cancel his wife still kinda mad bout himm rollin it two w/e ago....

Joe>> anytime you want to go throw me out a email at im in pueblo but will go to springs to meet and wheel anytime

Rocktmtnhi..we will leave and end up in springs I to will be traveling from pueblo and if you want to go we can caravan up there last time we were there we had a blast Zach

Well so far it looks good . I'll know for sure tomarrow . I'll let you know . Happy Turkey Day . :bounce:

Hope Everyone Had A Happy Thanksgiving.....Just Got Word From A Source At Fort Carson That Cheyanne Mtn And Surronding Areas Got A Little Snow This Morning......Can Anyone Say SNOW RUN WOHOO BRING ON THE WHITE STUFF......Zach:bounce: :chug: :bounce:

Jared - thanks for the invite but I'm going to have to pass as well - decorating the house this weekend...
Have fun and be safe! :)

Well I for one am NOT going to let a little white stuff cancel this trip. Been wanting to find out how the Goodyear MTR's fare in the winter wonderland anyway.

Perry and MMPC will miss you all. Hope your turkey day was filled with good cheer, good friends, good food and great thanks. Hopefully we can hook up again soon.

To Confirm: ANYONE COMING FROM DENVER or further north, meet at the Diamond Shamrock on hwy85 at c470 to leave by 8:00 am. We will travel south top the Springs to meet up with the southerners. Our Rally point in Colorado Springs will be at the DENNYS restraunt NW corner of Circle Drive at I-25 to leave around 930 am. PUEBLO PEOPLE contact Zach (redneck88) for your meeting information.

I will have my cell phone with me. Call if you need directions or are running late. Likewise I'll have my CB on channel 4.

Zach will lead the trails in the Springs. For the Denver people, I am still researching the seinic route home via Rampart Range road and Daken road trails if time and weather allow.

Lonewolf, out!