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Color's Run at Tellico - Oct 10-12

Lol, well it looks like I may be bringing five people with me! The first time I came, I could not get anyone else to join me, now I am bringing a small army :p I tried calling Crawfords today to make reservations, but I got their machine. Then I never got the chance to call back. What I wanted to know though, is how many tents can you put on one spot? Because on Friday night I may have three tents, and I was not sure if we will need two spots or not. And lastly, does anyone have an open seat or two they would be willing to offer? Three of the five may be riding fourwheelers instead of riding along with me, but in the event they do decide to come with me, that will leave the other two without a seat. Anyone have a spot? I just want to be sure something is available, because nothing is set in stone at all. My brother is one of them coming along, and his friend may be coming, but not sure yet. I just want to cover my bases :D

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I'm not sure if I'll have an empty seat or not. I won't know till then.

i have someone riding in my front seat for sure. the rear, i doubt it, but i also keep the full size spare back there that takes up that space. if it came down to it, i could move it and possibly make room.
as far as tents, he told me 2 tents on the site wouldn't be a problem. i seem to remember the primitive ones being pretty large and you could probably get 3 on them fairly easily.

and the weather is kickin butt! it actually feels like fall here. two 60 degree days in a row. heck yeah!

Jason, what time are you planning on gettin there?

Also, if I'm the first one to show up, do I set up camp first and then someone comes around and collects money, or do you pay first?

I'm gonna try and get there sometime before daylight ends, maybe earlier and drive around and see whats up at the trails!!

i'm leaving work at lunch. going home to pack up then heading up there. i'll probably get there around 5 or 6 i'm guessing. you can set up camp when you get there but you pay when you leave. just stop in and ask where our site is.. they have us down as me and explorer4x4. i may get there earlier depending on how fast i can pack stuff up!

anyone up for a night ride? :D

Night ride or going to see if anything is up at Lower 2!!!

that would work too!

I made my reservations today, yay me! And it looks like it will just be three others joining me. So I do not need to worry about finding extra seats with other people.

hey guys.. bring anything you need that is electric too. i reserved an electrical site just in case. i'm excited! little over a week to go!

Yeah, I'm needin this little trip to get rid of some stress, so I figure I'll beat on the truck for a while.

one more week!

Well, I may have some bad news. I may not be able to make it for this one. I may not have the weekend off work like I thought I was. I'll keep ya'll posted.

Man oh man, first Spas, then GaSouthern, now Josh! Whos next???:(

WORK!?!? what do you mean!

we'll see you there josh. i know you can't turn a good tellico trip down!

i just found a nail in one of my tires. glad i have 5 of em!

Man, as a last ditch effort I asked my Dad (who lives in Memphis) if he wanted to go this weekend so he could psuedo finance the trip. Well, he said No because he's going to be in FL since won a trip though his company to go to Disney World and is bringing my Mom, my sister and my sister's friend. So not only am I pissed because I can't go wheeling, I'm pissed my Pop's taking my sister's friend over me and didn't even mention it to me until today. It's not like my unemployed ass has anything better to do. Oh and my little sister's 22, its not like she's 12 or something.

Oh well, I hate Disney anyhow, but I'm still pissed.

lol.. sorry to hear it matt. i'm just down the road from tellico so anytime your up for going, let me know.

Tellico Report

Just got back from the Dixie Run... man it was HUGE, I'd say at least a couple hundred vehicles and it had to be over 500 people at the raffle Saturday night.

Jason, I never did redo my resv but I am emailing Steve Crawford today to try to get a electric spot, please try to mark off a spot next to yours. I now want electric. It was COLD last weekend and I'll have a five year old with me on his first campout, I may bring a small 800 watt space heater to stick in the tent and I'll need power. My son won't be with me but Ashli and her 5yr old will be. I'll have an extra back seat available for anyone who won't mind keeping a 5yr old occupied :D

Bring firewood. Like I said, it was cold, about mid 30's Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I finally got to go down Upper 2 and got some more damage. An Explorer cannot make it down the offcamber squeeze turn without getting hit. I put on a show for over two dozen people - I was the only Explorer in the whole run - and I wish I could find some of them so I could get their photos. When I was at the squeeze, we wrapped a strap around my D Pillar and another around my rear bumper, and six or ten guys on each strap were pulling me over as best they could to try to keep me off the wall. I really want to photo of that :)

Other than that I outperformed and surprized just about everyone, so it was fun. We were supposed to go down Upper 2, then out to TN and back south on 1 to go up 5, then out down 4, but didn't get to finish the scheduled run because we got WAY behind - runs were supposed to be limited in size but ours ended up with 26 vehicles headed for Upper 2! So Upper 2 was ALL day. Two broke down before we even got on the trail. Maybe 15 finished. We lost nearly two hours about a 1/4 mile into Upper 2 because yet another Jeep broke an axle - so the last two runs that my son has been with me, we lost all day because a Jeep broke an axle, he doesn't want a Jeep when he grows up, LOL - and we MacGyver fixed it by strapping an axed tree to the sidewall to keep the wheel on and took it back down. I was the one who came up with that and bets were made whether it would work; it did, lol.

J**p breakage:


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The fix:


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Fain's Ford has an incredible rock stack in front of it and is practically non-existent, it's sort of a ramp now. I mean with MAJOR boulders too big to move. One of them is so large I believe it must have taken heavy equipment to place it there, I don't know how it could have been winched into place. For those who have seen Fain's Ford, look at this photo. A couple of feet to my son's right (left of him in the photo) is the original ledge; look at the size of the rocks now piled up to the height up the old ledge :eek:


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lol gerald.. didn't you guys use the tree technique before? that's awesome.

i'think he put me down as having the spot at the end b/c i asked to be near the primitive spots. i'll hold onto the next one beside mine for you if he doesn't set it aside.

and yeah.. last time i went back in june fain's ford was a ramp. that sucks.

stuff to figure out before this weekend.. front diff leakage, get tire fixed, decide if crazy noises are anything to worry about.