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comment please (pictures)


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September 20, 2011
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2003 sports trac
what do yall think of my st. its a 2003 with a 5 speed. i have done some stuff to it but aint done.

list of stuff done

black taillights
7 in. touchscreen cd/dvd player
system ( subwoofer)

list of dtuff TO DO

lift kit ( already have just waiting to put on)
33" tires
all leather camo interior
black out third brake light
hid/ halo headlights
bull bar
lights behind grill



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Looks good so far man. Cover up those nasty zebra striped bumpers and cladding and it'll look a whole lot cleaner. Satin Black Krylon Fusion works great for that.

yes painted cladding is a must. how extreme are you planning?

Nice truck. Really like the color; it'll look really good lifted.

yeah i ment to put that on the under to do list lol. but untill i get time to paint it me and my dad own our own car detailing buisness. so i got some AMAZING stuff that takes all those stripes out and gives it a deep tan color just like new. but i have been planning on going back with a dark tan color like factory. but i got the 3" body lift. and shidter extension. and im going to do a 1.50 or 1.75 tt.

Kinda the norm on here as far as lift and such. They look good that way so post after pics too. I have allot of parts lying in my back passenger area to install trying to wait until warmer weather.
All new upper and lower control ares with ball joints
all new tie rod ends inner and outer
all new hubs
sway bar end links and bushings
all new shocks
torsion keys and add a leaf
3" body lift
new 16x8 Helo Max rims
new 255 85 16 KM2's
material to undercoat the underside
head light, tail light and license plate tinted covers

So as you can see I have no passenger seat area but since I never drive anywhere no biggie.

I know the Trac can handle some storage inside but four wheels and tires?!:eek:

Kidding of course. Looks like you have a nice wave of upgrades on the way.

Yeah they are there can't put seat back and no room for passengers but hopefully weather will stay warm on my days off to allow for the part install.

OP is your ST a 2wd or how do you like the 5speed I wish my was manual.