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complete rear leaf lift springs?


December 19, 2001
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Dallas, Texas
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98 Explorer Sport
I am looking to lift the back of my explorer about 3 inches. It all ready sits a little lower in the back than in the front, so I am wanting to put in new leaf springs to lift it about 3 inches. I dont really want to fuss with an add a leaf, and I would rather not use shackles. Does anyone hear know where I could purchase new leafs for the rear? I can only find them for rangers and earlier explorers. I drive a 98 sport 4x4. Thaks for the help.

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Have you tired OME (Old Man Emu), they're a division of ARB. I beleive they make full rear spring packs.

The OME's should work. I think Kris got his from 4wheelparts. Call them up and see if they can get 3 measurements for you:

1) overall length
2) width of from spring perch on frame
3) width of rear bushing at shackle

I'm 99% positive the 1 and 3 will be fine, it's just 2 that is sometimes screwy. If they're right they should go 2.5" to 3" in the middle, then back to 2.5" (don't quote me on that though without measuring for yourself).

Good luck!

You could have them re-arched at a spring shop. Or do the Zimmerman thing with the Ranger spring. OME is expensive, but really high quality. Just a thought.

My rear leaves our a 3.5 inch lift. They have 6 leafs and the each leaf is fairly thin. They ride well. You could probably talk to national springs. Mine our from fabtech and i'm not sure where they have their springs are made.

The OME springs part number is OME-36. They give you about 2.5" of lift and are officially designed for a 1996 XLT.. but work on both old and new exploreres.. Just remember 1996 Explorer when you need bushings for them (they do come with them from OME.. (ARB))