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Component Set?


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February 11, 2007
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2000 Eddie Bauer V8!
Hey got some Pioneer 3-way speakers up front and I want to install a component set in the rear I know where I want to mount my tweeters so my only question is where do you guys (who have rear comp sets) mount the crossovers?

I cut a piece out of 3/16" abs and mounted it to the door where the speaker went. Then cut a hole for the speaker as far to the side as possible and mounted the crossover next to it. You could probably use 1/2" mdf or something.

ok thanks alot i didnt even think of that padded area..the only question i have left is how you get the wires from the door to the amp? (which will be in the cargo area) through the black tubing between the door and truck?

I used a old coat hanger to fish it through. Sorry I edited my post, I read it again and seen you already had a location for your tweeters. I have a picture of my tweeters in the link below if you want to check it out.