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Component speaker installation - '99 XLS


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February 25, 2005
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'99 XLS
I would like to install a set of component speakers in the front doors of my '99 XLS. I understand the speaker set includes an adapter for the woofers, but I'm concerned about the install location of the tweeters. Where do these get installed for the best sound imaging? Is there room for these directly adjacent to the woofers? Does the lower location of the tweeters affect the sound? Is there any way to custom install the tweeters higher up on the door for better sound? After looking over the door, it doesn't look like there's much room anywhere higher up that could accomodate the tweeters.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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there is a perfect place for the tweets in the curved shoulder at the top of the door panel in the front. It points the tweets right at the seats.

tweeter location


Can you be a little more specific on the location? There's a really good spot at the top of the door, but the mirror controls (at least on the driver's side) are located right there. Maybe I'm overestimating the amount of space required?

Also, can you post a pic of the front component speakers in your ride? That might help...


component installation

i bought a set of mbquart pce213 5.25 components for the front door of my 99 xls. i made a adapter for them and everything, but after trying to actually install them, i realized the woofer hit the window while it was down. After trying many adapters for the woofer itself, and trying to raise it (at least 3/4 inch lift needed, i got frustrated and bought some DEI Directed 5.25 low profile components which included an adapter plate in the box. they work for the time being, but i still want my quarts back, any ideas other than using like 3 layers of mdf?

what about thin plastic adapter plates similar to those that crutchfield provides?