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Component Tweeter placment


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August 6, 2003
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1996 Explorer Sport
Im thinking about buying a 6.5in component set for the front. I would just get an adaptor plate and put the 6.5 in the stock speaker hole. They do fit right?? Anyways where would you guys suggest placing the tweeter? Can i see some pics of setups you guys got



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Have you thought about getting that kick out panel from Explorer Express. It is made for just what you are doing. It holds the mid and a tweeter in the perfect location. I personally am having components installed also, but have no clue how they are mounting them yet.

i thought about it, but they look like they take up a lot of room, and plus they are awefully expensive...i would rather just get adaptor plates and stuff.


What brand of components are you going to run? So you are really planning on leaving them in the doors and just modifying the brackets there?

before you try and put 6.5's in the doors PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check the depth of your speakers and make sure they will fit

I tried the same thing and it was the BIGGEST headache to find out that my focals were too deep... also the adapter plate i got from Metra did NOT hold my 6.5s... and even if they did the speaker was too deep to fit in the stock hole

check this link.. this is what i had to do... couldnt cut the metal behind the door due to window frames.. was too deep.. and wouldnt angle correctly

a whole lot of hassel... but i am satisfied with them =)

hmm would it be just easier to go with 5.25in components with a nice amp? i dont know what brand yet.


ANY 6.5s will fit if your adapter plate is also a spacer. up to 3/4" mdf will work in most situations to make extra room for the speaker.

I would either do the tweeters right next to the speakers on the plate, or else facing straight up off the windshield in the defrost vents

i like to put the tweeters high up on the dash.. mmm sexy glass reflection... you could always mount it in the A pillars, or like they said, kick panels.. then theres the doors, the center console (with angle mounts)... your imagination is key

Mine sound great here, and I had no problem fitting my 6.5s in the stock speaker hole.

i put mine where shadow did and i like them there alot too. come to think of it i really didnt put much thought into it...just started cuttin and put em in. now thinking about kick panels for another set...

I got mine up on the dash reflecting off the windshield. If you do this reverse the polarity of the tweeters. These CDT tweets can be swiveled and I have them pointing out a bit to make up for having them in a bit. Imaging is fantastic!

This is where mine went and they sound pretty good,


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Look down below the dash right by the gas pedal, there is mine.
Works just fine for me.


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Mine are mounted in the same spot as Shadow's too. Sounds fine for me.

Don't get 5 1/4"s. I started out with 5 1/4"s. Bass response sucked. Had to keep them crossed above 100 hz. I put some 6.5"s in and now I can turn the HPF off most of the time. Gotta cross them at 77 hz if I'm playing a song with a lot of bass though.

I did it the way Shadow did too. Although I've not listened to kick panels myself this morning's drive with 4 windows down, sunroof open, and traffic calls for tweets pointing at your head with no interference. That and more power...always more power...

I too used a plywood adapter/spacer. Think it was 1/2 " worked great for my 7" crystal component woofer. I started with the metra adapter for my old 6.5s but as described it only works for some speakers - shallow ones. Plus once done I could push in the plastic trim over the woofer so I know there is more room than just the 1/2"

Right under the tweeter behind the door trim there is space for the crossover too. I used stock speaker wires for minimal hassle.

I went with the defrost vents. Great staging, and pretty stealthy as well.